• Dawn begins the new day, as nightfall closes the day. At dawn we rise, or stay asleep to look upon that burning sun as it rises over the horizon. We dress and eat to our hearts content. As the smell of coffee begins to let its sweet aroma reek, and we go to eat a fine breakfast, or a quick bite. As we finnish to only begin our brand new day.The sun bathes the earth with its sweet heat of light. As now the birds rise from a comfortable sleep, to hear the crickets chirp once more today.The dogs stretch as they yawn, licking their lips eager for their breakfast today. Now the day starts as the cool summer wind blows awakening your body, as it seeks to warm itself. While the sun bathes you in ultraviolet light. The trees sway in the winds path, as now your footsteps are heard as you go to your car. To begin a brand new day. Now at work you clock in, and do your job. Seeing smiles, frowns, amd smirks throughout the day. You hear the joy of a customer or fellow employee,  the sadness, and rage of both as they have a bad day. But still it goes on your day, bumps in the road are expected. And may sour your mood, but hold onto to the good things today, for today has not yet ended. Hours pass and the day is older, and now the night shadows creep across the day. So you go now to rest, making a dinner to enjoy the night. As the game is on, and this part of the day is yours. You lay in silence watching the game go on. A beer in your hand, and a smile on your face, as you think of today, you laugh glad to be alone.Now the day has ended, and the game won, so now you go to gain a good nights rest. Cause Indeed Today was a Good Day.

Shadow of the Void

In the darkened seas of the void to night. We hear the somber cry as we await for darkness to fall. The waves churn and break upon the shores today and the sea cries for justice today. For within its depths lie secrets cold and dark for the sins of many are lying beneath the pressure of the deep. The storms rage in steel clouds above as the wind shakes and lashes out today. I feel the bust of the inner crust of this world as it comes down to the darkness which reigns beneath. The monsters of mountians scrape the diamond sky. And challenge the heavens day and night. Flags bear the countrys sorrow and tale as many were lost to the voids bitter loss. I feel the call of darkness within as now comes the age of war once more. The battles rage across the plains, across the mountians far from here. Among the heavens cloudy sky, and upon lands from here. The raven waits upon the field watching as the battle reveals. For the price of all this, at mans folly. Is to see the young die upon the fields of deaths glory. For the wolves and jackals search for the weak to rise. From the weak comes no strength as the strong are tossed aside. For the fools now run what the strong have worked to build. In their folly do we see as the troops are marching unto war. And the fallen walk amongst us now you can see it in there eyes. For the debt of man whos yet to pay, is the death that waits for us in time. For war cares not for the young or old for its price is blood, and chaos to swallow all in its path. For the victors may stand ta, but now comes the time for the war is won but the people are lost. hatred takes it roots today and spurs the fires more. For years to come shall only beckon war. For through the storm, sea and fire there lies the fallen evermore. Some are lost to ages past, and others are fresh and new. For i hear the void of darkness call, the halls on ancients past as we wait today. For the Farllen gathers the Host of old, and the stellar gathers there wits for more, as the Shadow of tribulation looms ever more. For the darkness dwells within worlds as the Void tries to consume us all. For the light shines against the void tonight.


The world lay in fire, as rivers of molten magma flowed into the vast oceans of fire. The mountains spewed fire, and smoke clouding the air with particulars that would kill any biological, or genetically made lifeforms. The clouds were a dark black with tints, and slashes of grey. Smoke embers, and rocks flew about, as tectonic plates shifted causing tremors that shook the fire mountains to their core, and as a result great geysers of fire leapt into the sky. He looked down then, as he landed upon the charred barren mountaintop, before him lay the chasm that held this worlds life, of eternal fire. He looked then as he descended admiring the Mountain range seeing the rivers that fell to become Great falls of fire, and magma. The black scorched earth flaked, and cracked at his weight as he landed his sabatons leaving deep indents. The mountain erupted hurling its vengeful wrath upon him its geyser of fire, struck The metal skin of the giants as he stood their admiring the beauty of it all. The magma burned, and sizzled as it fell upon him. His dense metal skin however only heated, as he let the burning liquid fall through his hands. He watched it flee from his presence, as the liquid found the grooves, and rivets, and the engraving of his form all till it left him. He shrugged his shoulders, the sound of metal grating against metal was heard, as he sought to remove the rocks lodged in between his skin. He chuckled amused, as he turned seeing a grand tall mountain it lay in the east. He raised his hand, his metal fingers began forming bubbles of static energy. The energy shifted, and swayed as cast them towards the mountain his mind reached out feeling the dead fire mountains foundations lay solid, and secure as it was a marker of how ancient this world was. Taller in hieght then any of its smaller siblings the mountian had three jagged peaks that lay like razor edged claws of some fallen monster, as it sought to escape the flames. From the center of these peaks lay the great chasm of this mountians extuingheshed dead pool of life, and fire. The bubbles of energy smoldered, and churned like a cauldron of heated water. They settled over the peaks, before bursting. Cascades of liquid metal fell, allowing The metal to fall in the chasm, He went gliding across the oceans of fire. He then came about to see the liquid resting at the chasms bottom. He clenched his fists then, the groan of metal being crunched, and the rumble of stone being shifted, and split was heard. as now the clifffaces fell letting loose freshly wrought lava, as it rose high, solidifying forming ramparts of stone, and keeps of rienforced lava rock. The walls of this mountian encompassed the bottom of the three peaks, growing in density, and mass. As now watch towers, and a grand courtyard was formed. He extended his will then commanding the earth to form into a hall of Greatness. The hall was indeed grand as jewels, and gems buried deep in the hollow dead tunnels of fire were summoned. They were molded to become the finest they could be, shining like bright beacons in the dark night skies. The hall was an onyx black with a burnt orange tint of Magma flowing in between the cracks, and engravings of ancient runes upon the walls. The gems were imbedded in the Halls Pillars, and colmumns as they stood shaped like grand armored warrios of old holding the very home they had sworn to protect. Knights made of onyx black stone garbed in the finest attire the gems emphasizing their importance, and status. Swords, Axes, and spears were grasped in their stone grips, as were grand battle shields of many shapes, and sizes. Above the Fortress he created a throne that was situated in between the three peaks, a platform stood their suspended by three pathways of stone. The throne faced the world it was now keeper of. The being rested then, sitting upon the throne, if he could smile he would so, for now he rested his body like the statues below in his hall, twas there he sat still for over a millenuim all the while his mind explored the world he had discovered. He began shaping this world creating hidden Monuments, and caverns beneath many mountians, and in the depths of the fire oceans. slabs, then boulders of stone were lifted moving all across the planet, as they were needed elsewhere. Soon unknown to the naked eye an entire civalization stood their, all but missing citizens, and hidden beneath this worlds harsh environment. After a millenuim he awaked. He saw beside his throne a flowing river of Lava, as it fell into a pool below above his fortress the lava was channeled then into a canal that looped around the fortress as it went to join the Oceans, and rivers of Its fiery nature. He molded a chalice made of hardened stone to form into his hand, dipping the chalice in the lava. His Facemask opened then allowing his mouth to taste the richness of his world. The lava flooded his mouth then, as he gurgled it before drinking. The warm liquid gave his body, a sweet bliss of extreme pleasure, it would appear that this world was indeed rich. He chuckled then his laughter eoched across the fiery world. Thudner then was heard, as the Dense storm clouds gathered, falling from their bosom came acidic rainfall. It sizzled, and caused the Lava to erupt in geysers. He watched as the rain fall splattered, and landed on his metal frame. It sizzled, and bubbled seeking to penetrate his skin, until it failed falling off his gauntleted hands, vambraces, Pauldrons, and breast plate. His helm was bathed in the acid, ridding his skin of the building carbon molecules clinging, and festering on his armor, after his long sleep. He stood then seeing all was well, on his world drawing his massive double headed sword axe, with its duel serrated edge blade lining. He roared then The sound of it caused the Barren world to shake, vast dust clouds rose blanketing the horizon, as the savage scorching wind raked the landscape. He returned his weapon to its place upon his back. He looked then seeing through the dense cloudcover to the stars, and the void beyond, and before rocketing into the void. Volcovist said. “Rest well my Knights, and people stay hither and guard my new world.” As now came emerging from the oceans of lava, came musclar beasts. Their copper skin was dense, incredibly thick. Its stature was slightly hunched, but running up its spine was curved jagged dorsal spikes. Its scalp was made of dense curved spikes. that slicked back to align with its spiked spine. Its feet were large four great curved claws served for its toes, they were like a moles claw shorter, and sharper however. The thighs had bone plating, as did their forearms, and knuckles. Their maws were grand lined with deadly curved fanged incisors. Tusks protruded from their lower lip, as grand horns grew from its cheekbones. Their eyes smoldered in the liquid fire, of which they had been wrought. Their bulky six fingers were blunt, and thick covered in dense callous skin. The beasts stood from fifty to three hundred feet in height. The tallest of them roared a challenge to the void, striking their callous skinned chest, with their fists. All joined the chorus of monsterous roars. They then bowed seeing him, standing before his throne. He granted them one last gift before departing. as before they had no conscience only animal instincts, now growing through the corridors of its dense skull. The brain took root, as now the heart began pumping liquid fire as it was their blood. Now truly complete the Thuggereans looked at one another, as the gift they had recieved took root.

He soared into the sky, the clouds briefly shattered before he exited the atmosphere, He enterered the void, feeling its power, as it sought to freeze, and hinder him. He lanced across its dark plains continuing his search, and exploration. for now the time, had come to continue his search, but he knew he would return.


The snow blanketed the great plains, as the blizzard unleashed its fury, upon this world. Their on the plain fell a meteor burning, and lighting the sky in is fury. As it smote the earth with its ruin, their tumbling, and skidding across the plains was a winged giant. He was tossed in his unconscious to land breaking a hill on his entry. Minutes passed as the snow as if commanded concealed the signs of any arrival. As descending from the void came a trio of Farllen as they soared across the sky searching for their fallen wounded foe. finding nothing they withdrawed then, for the snow hindered their foresight, and vision of any sights. As they left, awakening from the hill of snow atop it came a great giant silver furred bear. The beast lumbered over to the fallen giant, using its claws to reveal it the giant. It then unearthed the giant standing on its hindlegs, and placing the giant upon its back, it then resumed walking on All fours. The giant rested then, as he awaked to find himself in a cave made of ice, the shards standing like great columns, and pillars supporting the cavern. he looked then seeing the bear, using its paws to mold a cube of ice. He sat up then looking at the bear, before asking. “Oh Silver bear of unknown name, i thank you for thy assistance.” “You recognize me not my nephew, strange when you were created from thy fathers hand, i watched your birth in this form. For i am named for the birth of many if not all skinchangers, and you bear a trait from me seeing as how you yourself change form into a great beast, though the form of stellar you rarely draw upon, even now in this battle.” Eonite then said. “Burin the Great bear of the Silver peaks of Sukenfer. your roar is known as the first roaring thunder, and thy fur is the warmth that comes in spring, and that of summer.” Burin growled in amusement, before chuckling. “A tale no doubt conceived by the mortals, though a tall tale, it brings me good heart to hear the humor of Ventralla has held in its darkest times. But now my nephew the time has come, for the Nova’s to wait in the shadow of darkness, and use their remaining light to hold the darkness of tribulation at bay, all until the dawn of Nunemenhiem rises from the fallen city of dale.” “What makes dale so important uncle, why not high city.” “Tis not the place, but tis the birth of where the dawn rises. Twas not foretold, nor dale been founded. Only the stellars beside that of the Myths know of the prophecy. Should our enemy learn of it, he shall move to destroy dale, before the dawn is born. And it is for that reason we have kept this secret secure. Not even your cousins the fallen know of this, my own children i have refrained from telling this secret. For though they travel the stars, My Radons shall go forth while the stellars shall hold the gates of nunemenhiem, had the Khaleens remained within the light they would aided as they were meant to.” Eonite then asked. “But uncle dale as i asked before, what is it signifance to anything, a realm that sits before a great lake that itself leads to the ocean. fine sailors, fishermen, and captians yes, but other then that i don’t know?” “Dale represents the Birth of Ventralla. for when thy father came upon this area of the void, it was much like dale a vast pool of the void. and twas their we built Nunemenhiem on the lands of Sukenfer. And its like dale, because from it came the new light of UltraThunder the firstborn of my eldest brother. The Stellars, and then he created the Ventragon to aid the stellar, My brother tribunal then created the Khaleen’s. and I then created the Radons. After them came the skinchangers gaints of stretghn with the ability to change themselves into the great beasts of old. However my children the Radons, they are lost out there in the void.” Burin growled then to say. “Come though, for the time has come for the Nova’s to leave one last parting gift to our kin, before we depart to the walls of old.” Burin then walked out trailing behind him came Eonite. The stellar as he walked beside his Kin, he saw it then before them lay a gate made of columns of solid ice. the gate however revealed the plains of snow behind it, nothing more. Burin then stood his form towering over the stellar, and gate. and he roared. His roar caused a gust of wind to rise up, shrouding them from sight for still in the system the Farllen heard the roar, and returned to the world with the utmost hastes. Burin settled his roar into a feral growl. The gate thrummed with a loud humming as lightning sparked within the gate, and the gate opened a portal drawing in the snow, to reveal a door of snow white. Burin then said. “Come you are needed elsewhere my nephew.” Burin led Eonite into the gate, as the energy encompassed their forms. The gate vanished as the gust of wind scattered the ice into snowflakes. as the farllen then landed searching for the source of the roar. The path they walked was a path of the void, where they stepped the void rippled as if they stepped in water. The stars beneath their feet flickered, and burned, and the galaxies churned, and boiled with life. all around them clinging to their forms was tendrils of the void. from these came visions of the future though brief, and ever changing due to the choices of all living beings. He saw it then the wall of doomclouds beyond the stellars, khaleens, and Radons reach. Twas here the Nova’s remained using their power to hold back the darkness of the voids true nature. The slumbering conscious of Tribulation. Eonite was only permitted to the gates of the wall, their he saw his father Myth holding the wall, as now burin went joining his brother. Due to tribunal’s sacrifice to keep the restless space god in slumber, the two nova’s worked hard to keep him in such a state. Eonite turned to leave as Myth came forward he wore armor of a rumbling, and smoldering storm. he addressed his son then giving him a gift to take before his kin. “Go now my son take this unto thy brothers court, for when thou shalt leave the song that shall follows will mean the beginning of Maunrau. Go now my son take with thee the Book of the Song of war.” Eonite left then arriving at a system he was unfamiliar with for not far, from it their burned a black sun. He could not know for certain but he knew what lay beyond the suns light was something to respect, and fear. He then began his long journey to Nunemenhiem as he rocketed across the void, his great angelic like wings gleaming in their steel grey radiance. clenched to his chest was the book as he cradled the book in his metallic hand like talons, the last gift to come from the Novas. Eonite soared above the ocean of stars, and the depths of the void like a great bird of prey. His great wingspan was seen, for the stellar glided on winds unseen to any mortal naked eye, or technology. He looked at the stars dancing, and shimmering in the darkness of the void. His eagle like eyes could see parsecs from where he flew, and his power began building momentum, as he folded space, and time entering the wormhole he had created, as he now began the journey back to his kin.


The world was shattered  as he landed great crevices, and canyons stretch far, and wide. The earth was barren a charred landscape, with the dust being  stormy grey, and the atmosphere was toxic. His clawed scaled feet slid, and left deep indents in the ground beneath him. The dust storms were fierce, and alike the stillness of death on this world, it could last for millenuims. He began walking then to a deep crevice, seeing as the surface of this world did lay great crevices, but the sheer drop was deep near to the planets core. He leapt down after a four day fall he smote his ruin on the surface of the crevice. He growled until it eochoed in the caverns across the barren world. He began walking seeping from his scales, came a foul smelling ooze, it was a mettalic liquid that clung, and wreathed the earth it touched. Festering going deeper, and deeper into the crust, to the dead iron molten core. Boarrogg strode in then as tendrils, and roots of Creation began clinging, and wrapping its tentacles around the core. They slacked then falling, to crush the ground as they became thicker like trunks of the trees, as now they became wreathed in layers of dense scales. The Tendrils began to grow reaching the surface, as now great tentacles reached to skies forming great spires lined with spines. As now sprouting out like trees, grass, and weeds came genetically created hives, and spores filled with acid. The spores burst then layering the ground with a screen of dense ooze, that began creating large pools, rivers, and oceans of ooze.  The Grass that grew was in fact microscopic spires covered in layers of spore eggs. the center of the world began harvesting a corpse that Boarrog had brought. It was a bipedal giant that was pale white, layered in dense spikes of solid bones. as tendrils of ooze began encompassing the corpse, eating its biological compensation. The corpse was then swallowed, as the ooze consumed it, to form into a large growing scaled head. until all that remained was the newly formed head of the beast. The beast’s had a giant maw lined with jagged serrated teeth. Its grand forked tongue was covered in thick rolls of salivia, Its gums were a fungus color, and its scales were a moldy black. It had no eyes, for it saw through the Trillions of eyes of the spires, hives, and growing creatures in the spores. It filled the caverns with tunnels of its expendable muscle as layer upon layer of scaled flesh began creeping over the Planets interior crust. The core was now the beast that formed, the entire ecosystem of this world. It lay down as tentacles began sliding, and touching the cavern it was centered in, From the Tentacles were a million microscopic eyes, and tongues tasting, and feeling the very fibers of the stone caverns walls. It stopped as it then saw its creator a heavily carapaced scaled horned tusked giant. It then spoke, as a million muscles died, and regrew to form its vocal cords. “Creator? The world seeks to grow, as i must to survive milord.  The universe is vast, but this system is grand large with many planetiods, moons, worlds, and Asteriod belts rich with elements to devour.” “Grow my creation to the stars beyond the void, and expand thy presnce to all worlds in this system.” It growled then with pleasure as the spires opened to expand even further like vines stretching out to the void, and the surrounding four moons. They quickly became alike the planet encompassed with the Vines, and lakes of the ooze, as spires, and hives began to blanket these planetiods. On the first world however the eggs hatched as now trillions of monsters were born. Many were large taller then their creator, and some were small like cattle. However they roared then their scales, and carapaces covering their forms. They brandished their maws lined with jagged teeth, and their tusks, and horns were sharp, and long. Boarrogg rose to the world above, as now the horde bowed. He walked in the midst of them, looking at the savageness, and he felt the raw hunger, and lust of blood to further the swarms survival.  He smiled brandishing his curved jagged fangs, and he laughed then before saying. “My people you stand, slither, and crawl on the surface of your home of origin the very genesis of your making Berginstien the Dark world of Ventralla shall bring fear to the enemy’s of the swarm, and hope to its allies. Rise now swarm of Berginstien, my people the never ending, and ever famished Gorgonians you are now the claws, and fangs of all ventralla. You are the swarm of endless hordes, the trillions of fangs that go to consume. The fall of all civalizations in thy way, and the evolution of all hive life. Come let us make this system into the paradise it was meant to be.”

For the next millenuim the swarm grew expanding all till their numbers outgrew the stars themselves, the Hive mind deemed by its enemies the Devourer began expanding, growing, devouring all in its path, and the void was dimmed underneath the wings of the swarm, and the wave of claws that ascended from the earth below, and descended from the heavens above. This was Boarrogg’s legacy. This was His Fate.


Rogan BornStar

The rumbling roar of chaotic thunder echoed across the land, as jagged bright Lightning strafed the night sky. The heavy downpour of rain was dense falling like a wall of water. For the world below twas normal, for the storms here often brewed, and remained for centuries. Twas here standing on a mountain, with a broad smile on his face the being watched the planet show its strength. He wore a long robe of forest green, looped with silver lining, and braiding. His hood concealed his face. He placed atop the mountain a Warhammer, before he began a long trek down the mountain, as he walked his leather boots were wet on the outer layer, but within the leather covering it kept his feet warm, and dry. Strapped to his back was a Longsword secured to his back, by his scabbard. The pommel of the sword was a forest green gem. He reached a Point where the animal trail he followed vanished. He chuckled then stepping of the cliff Face. He plummeted down then, falling faster than the loose rubble. He landed as a geyser of mud, water, and stone flew high it stained his robe, until the rain water cleaned it. He continued then walking the deep underbrush of the tree’s, and bushes. As he did so he saw it then a brief flash of Lightning as a wing passed by. He chuckled then, as he heard it then the patter of heavy footfalls. He continued walking then, as the sound of heavy breathing came closer. He heard tree’s being uprooted, or simply knocked down, twas not Lightning. He ducked as the beast swung its spiked fist, it passed overhead harmlessly. Unfortunately the tree in front of him was sent flying into the night sky. The pale beast whirled about roaring a challenge, and alert. He smiled then, as he pushed his hood back. Rain splattered his hair, and beard before it charged once more, every muscle across its pale spiked body was seen in the lightning. Its gaping jaw was opened showing the entire interior of razor sharp curved jagged teeth. He waited then, before sprinting forward, and throwing a massive uppercut. The beast lost its entire upper body through the blow, and cleared a quarter mile diameter of the woodlands. It exploded then, as its body parts fell with the rain. More charged out of the darkness. Every time the Lightning flashed, they vanished, but twas when it died did they come. He clenched his fists, ducking the first blow from another beast, grabbing its muscular forearm and hurling it into the next beast. The punch crushed the head of its comrades; as did its own head explode from the other beast’s right haymaker. He grasped then the two corpses, swinging one to smash its comrades, shrieks were heard. He punted another corpse, as it struck more of its comrades. He spun then striking the next beast with a massive gut shot. The beast vanished in a puff of blood, and flesh. He caught the punch that would have struck his jaw. The beast roared as he crushed its entire arm to a pulp. Before lashing out with a shove from his palm. The entire bone structure was forced out of its flesh, as it fell limp. He continued to duck, and weave allowing the beasts to come. For now he dealt with the Hosts, but he knew that the Farllen was not far off. He ducked as a Host uprooted an oak tree swinging it. He caught the tree trunk with his left hand, but turned as a host swung its spiked knuckled fist scarcely missing his temple. He shoved the trunk back, and backhanded the Host that had lashed out. The beast’s remains were sent flying, as it exploded into a cloud of bone, blood, and flesh. He jumped then clenching his fist before he struck the ground. The earth cracked under his blow. Creating a chasm within the crust, the woodlands were split half by this canyon. He stood on a pillar of earth in the canyons center. Below he could see the Host plummeting down to land, or crash before leaping into the air eager to feel his blood on their spiked knuckles. He watched them rocket out of the chasm, scores of the Hosts then descended roaring their challenge.

He lifted both hands to the sky, as now twin bolts of lightning engulfed his hands. He cast forth a lance made of lightning; it impaled a host carrying it into the chasm shrieking. Sparks and flashes were seen as the beast plummeted to its death. He hurled another, but the Host intent on its goal met the lance with its spike fist. The two clashed completely vaporizing its arm, but the beast survived tumbling forward. He grasped the hilt of his sword, drawing it forth, as he cast a bolt of Lightning burning the Hosts flesh. He swung his sword in an arc, as lightning struck the sword wreathing it in its electrical surge. The host was cast aside as the lightning wreathed sword struck. The Host fell cut in two. Its comrades however struck, He fell as a beast speared him into the chasm. They fell the line of Lightning falling into the darkness. The Host wrapped its mammoth hands around his waist, before bringing its fist back to punch. He caught its fist, stabbing it in open jaw. The sword pierced cleanly through protruding through its skull. Locked in its death grip they landed. He ripped off its arm, as they landed then. He grasped the Hilt of His sword in both gloved hands. He then stated. “I am Rogan son of Myth, and I do not fear the Hosts of Darkness, nor shall I fear you Farllen for Tribulation not aids you in this fight.” He charged then swinging his sword in a deadly arc, as the Hosts charged. He ran his sword through the spiked bone armor of these powerful mindless beasts. Their blows caused the earth to crack, and the chasm walls to cave in. still they came as they fell by his fist, or the point of his sword. He impaled the Last one upon his sword tip, running the beast through, as it squirmed grasping his head in its fist. Until he ripped the sword upwards the Host fell apart in two revealing the descending shadow enter the chasm. The shadow took form of that a horned tusked armored giant. it wielded two battle axes, and from its back came long spine tendrils lined with jagged spikes as sharp as swords, and as long as spears. Its Hooved feet were also sharp, as from its back came giant bat wings made of the darkness of all evil.

Rogan took a ready stance, as the Farllen charged. Its blades were parried, and blocked by rogans sword, despite their size difference. The Farllen though larger in size, knew it was outmatched by sheer strength, and power. As Rogan blocked the next deadly arc, it swung. He caught its second axe, by the blade itself with his gloved hand. The blade cut in deep, but grinded against his bone. The Farllen roared then spewing a volcano of its power. Rogan held his ground, as the flames of this Farllen bathed him. He remained unharmed; he stood bare chested then, lunging forward his sword digging deep into the Farllen’s armor. It shrieked, and stepped back as its black ink like blood spilled, and bathed Rogan. He ripped out his sword, plunging his hand into the beasts exposed flesh, grasping its Upper rib, and proceeded to rip out. The Farllen shrieked in pain, as it stumbled back. Rogan tossed aside the rib, and stabbed his sword into the earth. Saying in a challenge. “Come Farllen prove yourself to thy master, for I have proven myself to my father. Come!” The Farllen roared its wings spread, carrying it upwards, before its right hand molded its axe into a chain weapon. Rogan watched the chain come forward, as it struck him bouncing off. The Farllen dived then grasping its axe in both hands, murder in its eyes.

But atop the mountain where Rogan had watched, their came rocketing from the peak on which he stood an object. It descended into the chasm, The Farllen felt Rogan shift forward, as he spun grasping the haft of his returned Warhammer. The hammer struck the Farllens right jaw, shattering the horn, and tusks on that side, many of which were forced in stabbing into its cheek, and jawbone. It was sent flying braking through the chasm wall, before rocketing into the Lightning cracked sky. It tumbled then as its wings finally caught hold, stabilizing itself. However it saw then Rogan rocket out of the chasm, pursuing it, it turned then fleeing trying to find a means of escape. It failed as the eye of the storm, turned its gaze the Farllen. And the night sky was strafed with a barrage of Lightning, it screamed its pain as lightning blew off chunks of its flesh, or welded its armor to its skin. It plummeted down, then as the ligaments of its wings were blown off, by three rapid strikes of Lightning. Rogan soared above watching the creature of darkness fall. He lifted then His sword to the sky, as now Forest Green lightning struck the sword wreathing the blade in its bright glory. He hurled his sword then, the sword struck the Farllens armored chest. It shrieked as the sword drove deep into its chest, sending surges of the strange lightning throughout its entire skeletal system, and vital body parts. It gave a gurgling roar as it died, smiting its ruin upon the earth below. Its body crushed several tree’s, but twas impaled by the strongest. Rogan landed seeing the dead Farllen, and as it died all the darkness upon this world did so as well. Rogan saw the storms rapidly retreating, before it left he summoned lightning. The Bolt came resting in his palm. He reached out then forming from the Lightning, a being. It was slightly shorter then he, but as it came forth he looked to see. A humanoid being, alike a mortal man it features this being was taller, stronger, and faster than any man. He had a dark brown beard, with stormy grey eyes. His body was chiseled to its physical peak, and yet he could feel more. He looked at his hands then, as sparks of lightning brewed there. He looked at Rogan asking. “What am I?” “You are being I have created from the UltraThunder. You are an Asgerian, and this world you stand upon is Asgerath. In time it shall be the beacon to all in the darkness to come to the light. You are the first of many to come; you shall be Knights to the Thunder, and wielders of Lightning. Kneel Odynor First, and Lord Monarch of The order of UltraKnights.” He did so, kneeling, as Rogan named him a Knight of The UltraThunder. Twas then from the electrons their formed first robes, the stout plate armor made of linked electrons. He wore now armor of Golden bronze and upon his helm was a winged helm. A great sheathed sword lay in its scabbard. as he rose Rogan led his Knight to the north, as they traveled he wrought more beings from the Lightning, until on the world called Asgerath their now marched several Legions of what would be come to know as UltraKnights, ridding the darkness of this world, soon when order was restored to this world, it would be done so to all the universe.


The star fell hard on the green plains below, for the villagers nearby it shook, and cracked the earth. They could see far off in the dark night sky, an explosion of fire, and erupt like a geyser of water. The village Lord mounted his horse, along with a dozen of his man at arms. They rode to the site, not able to see due to the rising smoke, the lord dismounted then his gauntleted hand grasping the hilt of his sword. It was then they heard it the noise of a hurricane, and the wail of the wind. They were tossed back as the canvas of smoke sent them flying back, the smoke fanned out then digging into the earth. They paused as they saw a massive smoky scaled foot, step out of the crash site. A deep menacing growl was heard, as now emerging from beneath its wings of smoke. Came a grand horned Dragon, its twin horns were looped, and protruded out much alike bulls. Its eyes were dark onyx black, as now protruding from its lips, and chin were a series of jagged tusks. From the back of its head came a crown of rigid spiked horns. Its wide jaw was lined with a deadly set of razor sharp teeth wreathed in acidic saliva, its long thick forked tongue was thick, and dripping its saliva. Its broad thick scaled shoulders flexed its coiled muscles. The Beast stood on its hind legs, Its thick heavily scaled tree trunk whip like tail smite the earth sending the men at arms falling, or stumbling. It roared then spewing a wave of fire into the sky, for a moment the land lit up as bright as day. It spread its wings out, as the spine tipped wings spread out lifting the infamous beast into the sanctuary of the heavens. The men at arms fired their pitiful crossbows, the lucky, and few struck the dragons scales, the majority fell short. They heard its mocking growling laugh, as it then bathed the ground beneath it in a sea of flames; the Men at arms along with their lord were now running screaming human torches. The dragon chuckled soaring high seeing the lantern lights of both the village, and far off city. It began to glide; within its stomach the fire burned alike a cauldron of molten metal, as it came upon the village, from its mouth spewed death. The villagers screamed, as the fire lanced down only to fall upon the broad oval battle shield that deflected the attack the dragon wheeled about seeing the red hot shield, in the hands of a metal Giant. A large broadsword strapped to its left hip, and a massive double headed battle axe strapped to his back. His eyes fell upon the dragon, as his face mask had secured his mouth, and nose in a sheet of mouth plate armor. His golden eyes shone bright, a contrast to his bright polished silver armored flesh. His shield was held fast by his left vambrace, as his feet like boots were buried deeper into the earth. The villagers looked at the giant, as its right arm grasped double barreled cannon strapped to his back. It fired in return, as the dragon dived to avoid the incoming fire; explosions rocked the sky, as thunder cracked the sky. The giant moved then running out of the village, as the dragon ignoring the victims of the village to focus on the bigger present threat. The giant ran then knowing the dragon pursued, bathing the ground behind him in liquid fire. He rolled then his left armored pauldron shoulder striking the earth, as he rolled he fired pointblank behind him, his left arm with the shield skidding, and sliding across the earth. Firing as he did so. The dragon shrieked as the armor piercing rounds struck its dense armored scales. Some pierced causing spurts of acidic blood to fall; other rocked its scales with highly potent explosives. He stopped his slide by digging his feet into the earth; he left trenches behind as he slowly stopped. He stood then watching the dragon begins its attack glide murder in its conscience. The cannon folded reentering its hand, and forearm, as it reached down then grasping the hilt of its Long sword. He drew it forth bracing as the dragon struck, he sidestepped as it skidded past him he swung his sword in a high arc. It struck the dragons back, slicing a good deal of muscle off its left wing off in the process. It shrieked then swinging its tail knocking it by swiping underneath the giant’s legs. It fell hard upon its back as sparks, and earth erupted the dragon wheeled about, lifting its left arm as it then wreathed out of the fire it spewed a massive war spear. He blocked the attack with his shield, the spear sliding, and skidding across the metal. Its wing swung down slashing with its razor sharp jagged curved spine lined wing tip. The giant took the blow on its helm, and pauldron it left a jagged scar there. The giant suddenly pushed it back performing a massive back flip to land on its feet, the dragon leapt into the air, as now clenched in its remaining claw was now a scythe. The giant stood in combat formation shield held first, and sword poised its blade scarcely inches from touching the shield as he waited. The dragon roared spinning lashing out with its wings, the brunt of the attack the giant blocked with his shield, as he lifted his sword above his pauldron before slashing. The dragon parried the attack with its scythe, and lunged attacking with its spear. He felt the spear gouge his vambrace. He stepped up then shoving forward by using the shield like a battering ram causing the dragon to falter. It roared then as he then head-butted, the dragon. The dragon spat out its acidic blood, as its scaled lip burst open, and the beast curled its torn lip increasing the damage it had received, as it roared. He stepped back swinging his sword in a deadly arc, the dragon used its wing to block the attack. His sword became wreathed in a Silver fire. As it cleaved the Wing in two, the dragon screamed in its rage, and pain. Turning about to strike the giant with its tail, he blocked the attack however using his shield. And from within his shields tip spewed heavy cannon fire. The dragon backpedaled as the explosive round struck its scaled chest. It lashed out its scythe, and spear seeking to injure, or slay the giant. He blocked the slash of the scythe with his sword, the Metal grating, and scraping against the black energized scythe head. His shield absorbed the Spear thrust, as it shattered. The dragon roared casting aside its spear, and taking the scythe in a two handed grip. The scythe changed then to form a great double headed serrated battle axe. The axe struck the shield full tilt, the giant stepped back deflecting the blow, as He retaliated with an underhand swing with his sword. The dragon used its tail to wrap around the sword wielding arm. As it spun dragging the giant with it, smashing it face first into the ground. Grinding it deep, until the giant using its shield leapt to its feet, as it fired its shield cannon to bring it up. His hand that was trapped suddenly shifted, as it became barreled cannon, as dropping the sword in the process. The dragon turned as he fired pointblank into its jaw, its entire right side of its face was blown off. As acidic blood, bone fragments, and foul smelling brain matter about. He landed then his sabatons digging into the earth to halt his descent. The dragon roared then charging, as he reformed his hand into the gauntlet, he grasped the haft of his battle axe. And as it closed the distance, he leapt forward, soaring past the dragons remaining wing; he swung the axe in a deadly arc, as it whirled about. The axe struck its muscular scaled neck, splitting the head off to its left side of its neck, to its right arm pit. The beast fell then, as smoldering fire engulfed its corpse, burning into the earth. The giant watched its burn, shouldering his now bloodstained axe, and grasping the hilt of its fallen his sword. He returned it to its place upon his hip, and began to walk away. He knew it would take the Humans days, to alert the lord of the land, and even if he did believe the story. The skeleton would have melted, and the scales turn to dust. He walked then finding the dragons point of origin. He saw the dragons meteorite spark, and fuse. He ripped open the hull, and began to search the vessels interior for what needed to be destroyed. He found it then a dark onyx black river stone pebble. He grasped the stone in his gauntlet, and turned looking back, before rocketing into the sky. He exited the planet’s atmosphere, and before he left he cast down a stone of his own, as it fell below to the earth, smiting the earth with its ruin. Down below the stone, was now a Column made of pure Jade. The Jade stone had engraved upon it the symbol of Honor. The mark of his name, and right, he was Xanthiem stellar of honor. He turned about then soaring deeper into the void, before like the stars of the night blinked, and faded.


The harp was strung, and played awakening the giant. He wore robes of white robes looped with silver braidings. The robes were long, and of ceremony, as now he turned seeing nothing. He was dressed in a traveling hood, and cloak. His stature was taller than the trees he had slept amongst. He sat up then, grasping the long haft of his staff. The pearl white staff had affixed to its tip a red sapphire. He stood then, resuming his walk through the woodlands. He wondered on the visions, as he walked he came upon the brink of the woodlands to a gate. The gate was ancient engraved with power runes, of lost meaning, but still resonating their ancient strength. He came forward then the runes engraved upon his staff glowed brightly, as it began to open the gate. It churned, and rippled as the gate opened it was now a mirror door. He entered then standing upon the point of a vast steep cliff face. He looked down then seeing the sands of countless centuries’ roll, and twist. He landed then upon the sea of endless sand. He felt there was more to this world, for as he walked over the course of a millennium he discovered a wall tall, and thick. He felt a presence over the wall, savage, and fierce primal beasts which hungered for food. He withdrew then not wishing to be detected. He continued to walk for as was his nature he sought a peaceful world. He came upon the ruins of a crumbling mountain. He walked amidst the gaping crevices, and cracks of this dying mountain. He raised his staff then, commanding the stone to rise, great pillars of the earths bones rose high holding up the mountain. He formed in the mountains center a temple; the walls of this temple were engraved with runes, and pictographs. He formed great caverns, and structure in, and over the mountain. The temple grew then until the very itself was the temple. Its grandest towers stood on the mountains differing points. North, south, east, and west the towers stood at the precipice of the towers their burned great beacons of white fire. The temple had many gates, but all were made of the metals of this world. The mountain was smoothed then, as the loose rubble melted molding itself to the temple. The Temple had upon the center tower a throne. The center tower was smaller than the rest, but even grander. Its precipice was a glass balcony, there sat a throne, around the tower was beautiful ramparts shaped alike the desert dunes, adorned however with gems of black fire. As the entire temple was a sandy tan. The tower also had runes, engraved upon its outer wall, adorning it with Lines, and curves also alike the desert dunes, but also alike the smoothness, and beauty of the desert itself. He walked in the halls, then his eyes taking it all in. He turned then as a dust devil brushed the temples east wall, and gate. The dust fell entering his hand, as he commanded it to take shape. The dust settled solidifying into a skeletal form; the form grew more in depth. As until it began to grow longer, its flesh formed, as did the intestines, three hearts, lungs, and tissue. The skeletal frame was soon covered in the growing flesh, as now scales formed of a golden tan. The Creature was then lying upon the floor. Its long elastic form, was alike a bipedal reptile as the creature stood shakily, at first. It had three long curved claws upon its feet, and four for its hands. Its long snout was slightly pointed, alike the beak of some bird. Slightly thicker, and smoother however. Its Long whip like tail, swayed side to side, as it looked about. Its scales were dense, and remarkably smooth. Its claws had at their tips a syringe like point. The reptile turned then, its movements lightning fast, and its golden eyes looked at the giant before it curiously, it was tall twenty five feet in length. Its snout opened then revealing its teeth clean, and sharp like razors. Running down its back from the tip of its tail to the tip of its jaws was a line of short curved bone spikes. The reptile then spoke in a high pitched voice. “What is this place, and what am I, and most importantly what are you?” He replied. “I am Forbearer thy father.” It looked at him, and then looked at its scaled claws and arms before replying. “You don’t look like my father.” “What we see and perceive are what counts on most of our judgement, but you are here to see the point that so many people forsake. The path of Knowledge you are Ritaka the first of many to come. You are called eh um let me think.” “Jaranthe perhaps?” “Very well then Jaranthe.” The Jaranthe turned then walking away, clasping the back of its claws behind its back as it walked. Its long claws clasping its forearms as it thought. He left it be, for now as he began creating libraries, and farther to the east a woodland area. There the trees grew tough, and strong. He noticed then the approaching streak of dust, as sprinting towards him, but then came the Jaranthe Ritaka. It skidded to a halt, then, as its long legs left not a foot trail upon the sand. It walked in the tree’s center before saying. “Hmmmmm what are these?” “Tree’s.” It then said. “They are made of an inferior bark, and wood. But the sap is unique, it molds, and sticks you can do much artistic work with this yes.” Forbearer looked as it used its claws to dig into the bark; its syringe tipped claws began to suck out the bark, as now buried within its claws center was a bubble compartment that housed the drained Sap. He used his tail then to grasp a rock. He began drawing, and writing upon it. The sap was a rich copper color that easily grafted onto the rock. Forbearer looked seeing Ritaka draw a picture of the desert before him, it was beautiful as he used his naturally skills of artistry to show the tranquility, and beauty of the desert. For the next centuries that passed Forbearer brought more Jaranthe forth. The Jaranthe rarely saw their creator, as they themselves began taking observations. For now the desert was alive, as they soared across the plains. Forbearer however watched them cultivate their culture, as they began residing more, and more within the temple. After seeing the Jaranthe become not hundreds, but thousands Forbearer took his leave, and charged Ritaka who was leader of the Jaranthe to storing, and studying the knowledge they had learned, and to explore the world. However he warned them of the wall, and forbid that any Jaranthe dare cross the wall. Twas then he ascended to the heavens; the Jaranthe gathered watching their creator depart. He left the world, using one of the many gates he had constructed within the temple, and those hovering within the sky, Hidden to the naked eye. He entered watching the world, and its people fade.


“The void a vast ocean of stars, and whirl pools of black holes, here the only the brave or desperate venture seeking g worlds to colonize. But for a time there were no worlds that offered sanctuary to those in need, until I was born.”

I am Masonic stellar of the stone, and the world builder.

I had floated for several millenniums seeing the loneliness of the void, and I had watched many star travelers venture only to die without finding a home. I am strange to my brothers, as I mainly sleep increasing my strength in the passing time, twas then I found my purpose, and I then began to fulfill my duty, as the void needed to be made for others to live.”

Floating pashing the stars and black holes Masonic glided slowly, as he had searched. He was a giant even compared to that of his kin. A floating Mountain as many would see, he then began to fulfill his duty. As pebbles, flakes, and boulders fell from his stone form tumbling into the void. The flakes fell growing their awareness and conscience in time, as they did so they began building upon themselves layer upon layer of stone. Some formed into streaking comets, while the majority of them joined to together forming communities of stone, many called them asteroid belts. The pebbles wandered becoming meteorites as they streaked across the void exploring. The boulders became trapped in the light of stars, becoming moons, planets, and later they became stars smoldering in their fiery rage. His sons grew then many of their brothers fell upon them, growing together forming Mountains on these worlds. The Meteorite’s carrying water and metals crashed on their brothers, unleashing their gifts onto their brothers, as they sought to aid them in their duty. Soon after millenniums the Granytes as they were known began building worlds full of life. Trees, and grass began to grow, and the waters flowed. Masonic turned then approaching a colony of his children, the asteroids parted ranks allowing their father through, as he began to grant them gifts, as they then left their kin to go grant these received blessing back to their brothers, and sisters. The Granytes that were moons moved then placing themselves to shield their brothers, and sisters against the void. The worlds grew then, as they received their kindred’s gifts. The Granytes that were once Meteorites or asteroids became tall strong stone giants, as then some returned to the void, others stayed then becoming more such as mountains, cliffs, and canyons. Masonic smiled then stone flaking off, as he gave more of his children the push they needed to become what they sought. Time slowly passed, as it always did for the Granyte’s. He then turned his gaze falling upon, space that was shrouded in darkness. He gave a final gift to his children, before departing. Twas then the Granytes could themselves create their own children, from their falling rubble, or flakes. Masonic left then his form entering the canopy of darkness, and twas then that the Father of the Granyte’s was lost, Eons passed and the Granytes awaited for their father’s return. Rumors spread that he had been slain, or forsaken them. Many thought so, and continued their work. The few that were bold went forth also entering the voids strange canvassed abyss. For the few twas a duty, and they dreamed hoping to see their father with them once more.


This was a home of Mountains, ForgeFire realized as he landed on a Plateau. His Dark Jet black eyes perceiving much, the land was blanketed in a blanket of snow upon the Mountains. He stroked his long thick black beard, He had slung over his right shoulder a Warhammer, and strapped to his back was a Double headed Battle axe. He wore a golden bronze armor, with jagged copper stripes. His Helm bore two grand horns shaped like axe heads, they were situated at the point of his helm where his ears lay. His armored boots left deep indentations on the rock. He laid his Hammer down then removing his helm, as his long dark black hair was secured in a tight Bundle. It fell then as the wind buffeted his bearded face. He kneeled down his gauntleted hand scooping up the rock, and snow he breathed it in enjoying its smell, and the aura of this world. He leapt then crossing the gaps that separated this world of Mountains. The sound of his landings as thunder claps in rapid succession. He landed at the foot; of a Mountain Great trees shrouded the lower elevation, as the steep valleys held woodlands, and lakes. He ran his hand across the stone, feeling its strength He pushed forward then; the mountain began to fold allowing the Bearded Giant to enter. He continued on finding a cavern dark, and wet, as Fungus and moisture were clinging to the rock walls. He looked at the stone commanding it to Mold, and shape. The earth rose then taking form, until their stood on his right a furnace of the smith. The furnace was tall taller then he, and he then lit the furnace, as now the rock was commanded to enter, and melt. The rock separated becoming Magma, the smell of burning Sulfur he could taste, and he smiled. He turned seeing a rock slab peculiar shaped, and he commanded it to form once more, until their stood before him, an Anvil, and Bellows. A well was formed, as a canal passed behind the furnace. He reached out finding the Metals of this world, as gems, sapphires, Diamonds, and Jewels of great beauty came forth. They were without proper form, molded to the stone. He began clearing the stone, forming, and heating the metals he had found. Placing them upon the Anvil he began to forge. The sound of his hammer was heard like that of bells ringing in the dawns light. The mountains shook, and avalanches fell upon the valleys. As clouds began to form lightning flashed, across the sky, and thunder was heard. The snow fall shrouded the air with a dense canvas. All the while ForgeFire worked at his smithy. He wrought gifts of beauty, beautifully forged swords, axes, and spears studded with diamonds, gems, sapphires, and jewels. He crafted armor, and many tools. He looked then seeing the Gifts he had forged for his father, and kin, but as he worked the forge every beat of his hammer upon the ingot of metal, or priceless gems. The reverberations of the hammers fall caused the mountain to shift, and mold. The peaks became broader, and the cliff faces sheer drops of smooth rocky heights. The mountains interior began to form creating vast grand halls with Pillars of stout stone. Statues formed Twelve Knights in a throne room, at the heart of the Mountain. The throne was shaped alike an Anvil, with cauldrons of Fuming magma running beside the throne. At the foot of his new throne stood a pair of Statues garbed in the likeness of heavily armored knights. They wielded a large oval battle shield, and halberds protecting the entrance to the throne. Caverns and Forge rooms were made. He continued to work, all the while His realm was alike the gifts he made being forged into perfection. When he had finished after placing the Gifts he forged on Racks in his forge he walked the halls. He walked in silence only the sound of his armored boots was heard. He walked to the end of his halls to the Gates seeing the snow beginning to fall once more. He turned then seeing the vastness of his kingdom, and his world of Mountains. He looked seeing a boulder the size of pig. He ran his hands over the stone, as it began to take form. The stone fell away revealing flesh, the flakes that fell dissipated. The Stone took the shape of a humanoid form. The being was small, and quite round at first Clinging to its cheeks was a thick brown beard. It grew then, as the being stood. its chest, forearms, legs, feet, and armpits revealed great quantities of body hair. He gingerly stood shrugging his shoulders, and rubbing his eyes trying to make sense of it all. The being looked up dwarfed by these Giant. ForgeFire looked then seeing this bearded lifeform. He then spoke. “Welcome My son, I am ForgeFire thy father, and you are Guerin first of all dwarves to come.” Guerin looked at his father seeing the texture of his father’s armor, and then looked to see the vastness of his home. He spoke in return his voice was gruff, and deep. “Father I believe that the time has come that the Halls of this Mountain be fashioned by a mason’s hand.” “True my son, and behold in thy work you shall have aid other than my own.” He turned seeing a large boulder he once more reached out seizing the Boulder in an invisible hand. As it began to form, alike the dwarf this being was hairy, but taller in stature then ForgeFire. He looked down then his shoulder length black hair fell to match his beard. He clenched his fists, and yawned flexing his muscles. He then looked down at his father, and brother. ForgeFire then addressed his other son. “Mithere as in my people’s tongue, Giant you are now of the Mountain folk, and alike you’re smaller, fatter, hairier brother you are Named Bonor.” Bonor looked then seeing his brother, to say. “Smaller, fatter yes, but hairy no.” “I beg to differ Bonor, i am large but this condensed muscle, and my beard is longer and thicker then thine own.” “Unlikely I am taller, hairier, and stronger, and of course the greater artisan.” “Ha likely boasts.” Both bickered as they followed their father into the Mountain both inquire then. “Father why are we Nude?” “Hmmm Oh yes, I forgot my mistake, my sons here. And come to work.” They were then dressed in thick leather robes. They began to work then the Three of them together for three millenniums they worked fashioning Tools and Reinforcements to the halls, chiseling the rough to a fine Finnish. ForgeFire as they worked made a wife for both his sons. Through their union now over the stretch of Millenniums, several hundred Dwarves, and Mitheres began expanding the kingdom linking the Planets chain of Mountain ranges. ForgeFire placed both his sons at two Peaks, Guerin made a home out of IronPeak, While Boron made a home at Dragon Peak. From their They ruled on thrones of both gold, and silver. Their father resided on the Realm of FirePeak. He resided on a throne of polished gems, and engraved with ancient runes. After seeing his children make way, he then charged the duty of making This realm prosper to both sons, and with that on a twilight Night. ForgeFire looked to the stars, and went forth entering the void, as he rocketed into its chilling realm. He soared then leaving behind the World he had forged, and leaving his children to grow, and prosper, knowing he would return.

What If?

Have you ever wondered how an adventure would be if three iconic warriors from different series came together in one book. Or short story i often think of it in your opinion what would they do. For honor the game is a good example of this, but imagine bigger more powerful charcters of the scifi universe coming together to fight a common foe, for this many fans alike myself do think of it. What would happen if one was to do so. Send me a comment give me your thoughts, and have a nice day.